Need help parsing a cell array containing text
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Uwe Kotyczka
2018-03-08 16:59:15 UTC
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[Using Matlab2015aSP1]

I have a cell array, say textCells, where each cell contains
a string of the form "keyword = value". For example let

textCells{1,1} = "Gauss_order = 1.1"
textcells{2,1} = "min_Gauss_order = 1.0"
textcells{3,1} = "max_Gauss_order = 2.0"

To parse textCells for a couple of keywords I have search string:

strSearch = 'Gauss_order';

I used the function strfind to find

IndexC = strfind(textCells, strSearch);
Index = find(not(cellfun('isempty', IndexC)));

Works fine for the search string 'min_Gauss_order'.
However for the search string 'Gauss_order' I get three indicees
1,2,3 since each cell contains 'Gauss_order' as a substring.
IndexC has the values

IndexC{1,1} = [ 1]
IndexC{2,1} = [ 5]
IndexC{3,1} = [ 5]

So my idea is to check IndexC for cells containing [ 1] to get only
those cells which start with 'Gauss_order'.
But I can't figure out the correct syntax how to use cellfun for
such a check.

If someone could please give me a hint.
2018-03-09 05:17:26 UTC
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